The core value of Xinhe is to realize and enhance our value when creating value for customer building benefit to enterprise and pooling fortune for society. It is the ultimatum pursuit of Xinhes culture to choose the path of sustainable and sound development,maximize the corporate value, and promote social harmony andsocialprogress.

Corporate Mission: We create value for the customers and partners via bio-technology and products from petroleum, food and construction fields, create well-being for employees, shareholders and create a positive energy for the harmonious society. 

Core values: To sow before you reapthe long-term benefits are higher than short-term interests.

Development Strategy: Based on optimization of favorable resources and on our expertise of bio-engineering, and oriented at meeting the market needs with regards to petroleum, food and construction industries we shall stick to the philosophy of slf-dependent innovation, construct the R&D- marketing" economic growth pole, and hereby elaborately shape Xinhe Biochemical into a branded professional entity being proficient in R&D, manufacturing and applicatiog of biogums.

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