Gellan Gum


High acyl-content Gellan gum                           

Easy to form elastic gel with stable texture;   

Reacting with low proteins;


Good water holding capacity;

Excellent suspending capacity for pulp

and other insoluble ingredients;

Good compatibility with other hydrophilic colloids.

Low acyl-content Gellan gum

Highest gel intensity with least usage

Highest gel transparency

Adjustable elasticity and rigidity

Superior flavour

Fine synergistic effect

Outstanding heat-stability, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, anti-mold

Main Field

Representative Product

 Jam, Salad cream

 Low heat jam, synthetic jam, bread stuffing, fruit salad cream, sauce

Pulp suspending product

Jelly, granular orange juice

 Compound food

Synthetic fruits, synthetic vegetables, synthetic meat

Water-base gel

Dessert gel, decorative jelly

 Milk production

 Ice cream, gel milk, yogurt, frozen milk fast drink


Eye drops, soft and hard capsules, microcapsules, and other sugarcoat medicine


Toothpaste, perfume, sunscreen, shampoo and other skin care products

Micro capsule

Powder flavoring

Other industries

Micro biology, foliage culture medium, sensitive film, air purifier, slow releasing frilizer, texile additive, papermaking

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